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April 23rd, 2007
09:22 pm


Long time no see
I have neglected livejournal for too long and have been using facebook quite a bit. I think all of my lj friends have/use facebook anyways.

In any case, life is good. I really have nothing interesting that I could write about. You'll see more updates if my life becomes any less boring (no chance but hey..)

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May 11th, 2006
03:31 pm


I feel like I should be done with this year but I am not! I have five more classes, two more exams and two more weeks of current rotation. Then, one week break and comes summer rotation. Not to mention the writing class I have to take.

I NEED a break!

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April 21st, 2006
06:23 pm


Part II

More of the playCollapse )

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05:56 pm


Happy (Burmese) New Year! Part I

We're all wet!
The dances/play in KelloggCollapse )

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February 26th, 2006
12:42 am


wanna see where I work?
Our boss announced a photo contest (the winner gets a water bottle that some company sent us for free and the picture will get put onto our lab's website) so I took some pictures... enjoy!


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June 20th, 2005
10:28 pm


Enough with the parts!
Here're all the graduation pictures I want to share

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April 25th, 2004
03:55 pm


This is unacceptable!
Whoever designed this is either brainless or disrespectful.

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April 22nd, 2004
05:35 pm


I don't usually do this sort of thing but I am rather curious this time
Post a memory of me in the comments. It can be anything you want. Then, of course, post this to your journal and see what people remember of you.

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March 6th, 2004
01:33 pm


interesting... no?
Always taking a snooze
Slacker: You are really here because you thought
college would be easier than highschool. If
you want easy, go to community or something.
And take a shower occasionally. Jesus.

Why Are You Really At Simon's Rock?
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August 1st, 2003
09:38 am


I have made past few entries friends only, and I will continue to do so. I love livejournal because I can easily stay connected with my friends, but I have been getting uncomfortable with the idea of random people surfing the net and reading about my personal life.

So, yeah, it's friends only now.

And yes, unfortunately, I am a weirdo, too.

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April 25th, 2003
11:12 pm


I have been so lazy lately,don't ask me why. Dance concert today was good but short. Although I think we need more variations in dances, I still like all of them - someone said how he doesn't like "robot dances" but I bet it's very hard to do those dances. So, good job you all. Belly dancing and Nicole's (one of the Resident director here) dances were my favorite. Nicole's dance was kindda like a movement piece but they were all so cute, especially my RD , MC - I liked the way she did her hair. Dejio is a very good belly dancer and Hannah, one of the girls in my hall is also very talented - she's in almost all the dances and she did a great job. I wish I could dance :-D

This weekend is going to be busy. Tomorrow, I am going out to dinner with Virginia, Emma, Paulo because we have to meet and put together a presentation or something for the new RAs training thingi on Sunday. Next year's RA training is from 1 to dinner on Sunday and this year's RA meeting is from 6:30 to about 8. So, my Sunday afternoon is all eaten up.

The most embarrassing thing happened last night. Last night (or early morning, whatever you want to call it, around 1:30) Laura, the duty RD came into my room while I was studying for Physiology Exam. When I said I was studying, she took my big textbook and started quizzing me. Of course, I didn't know anything because I never read the textbook. She didn't really believe me when I said the ones she's quizzing on are not in the test. But, whatever. It is not the embarassing part yet. The embarassing part is... about 5 minutes after she walked out of my room, I needed to go to the bathroom and I was quite into my studying. So, I walked out of my room rather unconsciously, thinking about "So, as we go higher up above sea level, the pressure goes down and little oxygen is dissolved in the air we breath" making hand gestures and such. I MUST HAVE LOOKED LIKE A BIG DORK OR A FOOL. I guess Laura saw me from the stairs. She came back to my hall, called me from behind and said, "You would be fine. Get some sleep." hehe. And then, I was like, "sorry, did I look like a big fool?" She didn't comment on that :-D Anyways... the test was so long but I didn't do as bad as I thought I'd do. But, I am sure I won't get an A either because I just never get A's in biology, which of course is my major. Oh, well...

ok, this is a very long entry. I won't bother you anymore.

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April 18th, 2003
10:00 pm


Since everyone is retaking this...

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

I went to Albany mall today with a group of people from school - it was fun despite Sameer's attempt to kill me with my sweatshirt on the van. I was taking the sweatshirt off and it got stuck near my head. Then, Sameer decided that he would pull down the other end so that my head is covered under the shirt and so that I couldn't breath. Tanya and I had a fun time trying prom dresses on. Out of three dresses she tried on, she looked the best in the blue one, which she didn't buy because it was $ 149. Out of two I tried on, Tanya and I agreed that I looked good in the red one, which I didn't buy because it was $ 129. I really LOVED that dress though. It fits me perfectly. We greatly regret that none of us brought our cameras to take pictures. Oh, well...

I also got chinese food, strawberry-banana smoothies and ice-cream. And... most importantly, a hair cut :)

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April 17th, 2003
02:55 pm


I wish I was in Boston
My sister is buying me a prom dress because they are on sale at a store near her. She's not sure about my size though so I hope it fits me. If I were in Boston, I can go buy it by myself. I was surprised when she asked me if I wanted a prom dress because I am not really supposed to go to dances - "good" Burmese girls don't go to dances. But, hey, it's not like anything bad happens in dances - just that the Burmese society has weird views towards foreign dances :)Whatever.

Tanya and I took a walk at 7:15 last night and it wasn't dark outside at all. We took our normal route and looked at the llamas and then visited Judith. I thought we weren't even that loud near llamas but Leslie asked me today when I ran into her in the College center "So, I hear all the gigglings last night?" hehe. And Judith asked us how we managed to spend 12 hours of our day - from 8 am to 8 pm. We were like, "ahh... 2 hrs of work, 5 hrs of cooking and eating, 3 hrs of online chatting and 2 hrs of walking." Seriously, this break has been very unproductive.

There is a staff pot luck lunch in the college center and they had so much food. So, when I went to the college center after work, they said I can just eat them. So, I joined Virginia, Tayo and Avery for lunch there, after which we proceeded to big Y on Avery's car. Now, all I need to do is START STUDYING.

Physiology exam II, Psychology exam III and Latin America Presentation are waiting for me to eat my soul as soon as school starts again.

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April 16th, 2003
02:02 pm


Yesterday, I went to help Judith in her garden just because the weather was so nice. I finalized my summer plans although I wasn't sure whether or not my mom would be here. Hopefully she's getting her passport soon and the next step is to get a visa, which is supposed to be very hard.

Anyway, I am graduating (hopefully) on the 26th of May and just hang out until the 14th of June when I will have to go for my training at Interlocken . I am going to be a camp counselor there. It took me a while to decide whether or not I want to go there. I will earn more money if I find a job here and also if my mom comes, I can spend more time with her. On the other hand, I will have fun if I work at the camp and plus it's less than 2 months - I am coming back to SRC on the 10th of August for my RA training. Another plus - Amy, Zaw and Taya are all going to be there so Judith thinks I should be there, too. She assured that I would like it a lot there. We'll see. But hey, I am going to have nearly 20 days without anything after graduation - I wonder what I should do.

I am being such a loser this break. Not much work has been done and I have tons of work to do.

I had to cook today because I didn't have any food left. I cooked on Sunday and I have been eating that curry that was stored in the fridge with rice. I finished it yesterday and this morning, I was so lazy to cook again. So, I just ate chips and dips. Now that I cooked again, it should last until Friday or so. :)

I love the weather right now but it's gonna be bitchy again later in the week. I can't wait until it's constantly warm!

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April 13th, 2003
10:12 pm


I've got habituated with my old user picture. That's all.

Oh, by the way, I am looking for an apartment in this area (the Berkshires) for my mom, my sister and myself to live over the summer (June, July and August of 2003)We are quite and clean with no pets. If you have one available or know someone who does, please let me know!

Ah, my computer is being a bitch today. And I broke my ID card in half, which means I can't go out of the dorm unless I want to get locked out. Today, when I was locked out, the RDs' apartment window was opened. So, I made them come and let me in. But they would kill me if I do that again. geez.

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01:05 pm


One and a half days of break has been over and I haven't done any work yet. But I swear, I will do at some point :)

Last night, I went up to hill to get water from their water fountain and I ended up watching a movie with Virginia. Some idiot cut the third floor TV's power cord off so we paged the RDs to tell about it and went down to the first floor to watch our movie. I don't understand why people are not busy enough. Come on, what's the point of cutting the power cord off? Where's the fun or safety in there? Grr...

Anyway, in the middle of the movie, Sameer came in and then Krishna joined us. So, we talked and talked and put off the movie. When Sameer left, we moved to Krishna's new room in Hill House where we talked until 1:30 and Krishna sang for us. Then, I decided that I wanted to finish the movie. So, I watched it alone and then hang out for some more time with them and then came back to sleep.

Today, my friends from Albany are visiting. They were our neighbours back in Burma but I haven't seen them in more than a year so that should be good. I might even go to Lee outlets with them.

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April 11th, 2003
08:26 pm


This town is so small. I wonder what people here do for fun except going Bowling. Today, Cami, Zach, Brandan and I went to Cove Bowling lane just to find out that it was full. So, we went to Lee lanes, which was also full. So, guess what! We just come back to our own rooms. Grr... But that's OK, I am going to get enough sleep tonight and get up at 9 tomorrow to go grocery shopping.

I am glad we are having spring break because I need to catch up on my school work. Gosh, I don't even want to think about how much stuff I need to do over break. That scares me. And the fact that we have only 20 more days of classes after break is unbelievable. This means all my friends are going to leave me soon. That's very sad.

Anyway, I am just going to put myself into bed and see if it will cure my headache. Have a good break, guys!

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April 10th, 2003
04:07 pm


Oh,no... I only got 18 out of 20 right in indentifying blood vessels. Isaac already graded that part. Another part is tracing a drop of blood and I haven't found out how I did yet. But, at least it's over.

I am checking my e-mail every ten minutes because I am expecting a reply from David Shien, Bard Dean of undergrad studies, about campus visit. Tanya and I are going there on Monday and it would be fun.

I love my advisor. She's the sweetest person ever. When I checked my e-mail after the test, there was an e-mail from her. And all it said was, "How was your test :)" She knew how I freaked out over exams.

Now, I am taking a nap until dinner.

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01:45 pm


I am so nervous about my lab pratical that I don't even know how to wait until 2:30, the time the exam starts. I feel like I know the stuff but what if I messed up. I am paranoid. I have not been doing any school-realated work this morning. I need to stop getting nervous about exams. This is going to kill me.

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April 9th, 2003
06:21 pm


Oh my god! I am so happy that I want to just jump up and down. My Physiology lecture exam got moved to Wednesday after break!!!! It's just so nice since I haven't STARTED studying for it yet. Today in class, we were voting for what exam we want to postpone - lab or lecture, and I of course voted for lecture exam. Before Allison came in, there were 3 votes for each side. Then, Allison decided that she would be on our side, and then.... we WIN! I would be very disappointed if the lab practical got moved because I have been studying so hard for that (I still don't get the blood vessels in Hepatic-Portal system and the ones in my cat are cut off accidentally) One funny thing is, Isaac told me today not to study anymore because, "You have been studying a lot and it's good not to study that hard, you know?" That's just so funny. Watch me get bad grades even though I stuided my butt off. hehe.

The lab practical is tomrrow at 2:30 so I cancelled my advisor meeting at 3pm. I didn't have much to talk about with her so I guess we'll wait until after break.

I went to "Are you a Pre-Med" talk in blodgett today. My favorite thing that I learned from it was that , "Yale Medical School doesn't have any EXAM!!!" You just go to class and learn things just for your own good. No one will be pressuring you. But you of course have to take national exams. I think it's the coolest. Rachel, interested???

Got an RA position in Hill for next year. Quite happy about it. Ok, now, I have to go to Latin America and sit through 3 boring hours.

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April 8th, 2003
12:48 am


I had an appointment with Isaac (Physiology professor) and that sign up sheet on his door said, "Nang and her cat" :) I now know something for my lab pratical. But I do have to work on tracing a drop of blood. I got all confused today and I was like, "Fuck it. I will try again later." (Not to Isaac, just to myself, of course)

Then, I came back to my room, started taking a nap at 3, got up at 6 when my sis called. Then, I prayed and had my RA/RD meeting + house council. I was talking to MC about how crazy my hall has been lately (parietals, smell, stomach flu and such) One of the girls have been pretty bad about parietals and won't listen to me so MC talked to her. And she got mad at me for telling MC about it and she's like, "did you talk to MC?" with a disappointed face. Well... it's not like I recommended her for an infraction or anything and also, this wouldn't have happened if she didn't keep on breaking the rules. Geez... crazy time!

House Council was crazy with budget request. We were trying to figure out how much money to spend and how much to save for the rest of the semester. I made a request for 40 dollars (for CHI survey, take it once it's up on the web- we'll let you know when it's ready) and after much arguing, I got it! hehe, cool.

Then, I called home with a 130 minute phonecard that will only work tonight. I talked to every single person at home and with my bestfriend who lives nearby. It was very fun except it means I haven't started my freaking school work. It's 1 am now! God! Work!!!!

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April 6th, 2003
10:13 am


Ah......... I have the craziest and oldest computer ever. It does everything and anything that I don't want it to do. I need a new one!

I fell asleep at 10 pm yesterday and woke up at 9 am (which turned into 10am when I remembered to change my clock!) That's not good. I haven't done much work this weekend.

Something must have been going on in my hall around 1:15am this morning (right after parietals). Too many boys??? I don't know. I just heard Diane and Ben - they were here at least for 10 minutes. But I know it wasn't a crisis because they were also laughing. (you know how Diane laughs - it makes me laugh, too even if I don't know the cause) I was so sleepy that I didn't even care to find out - they don't need me as long as the RDs are there, right? :-D Then, around 2 I guess, one of the girls knocked on my door thinking that I would be up. I said come in to her but I didn't even hear what exactly she said. Something like, "I am just wondering if you (didn't hear this part) massage." And then, she said, "sorry, it wasn't important, I just thought you would be awake." Then, I went right back to sleep until this morning!!!

Now, I get to write my psych assignment and 2 Sociology responses. I gotta go to the heatlh lecture since Nicole won't be able to make it. So many things to do in so little time.

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April 4th, 2003
10:11 pm


I don't have much to say but I am in the updating mood. It's been just normal later in this week. I didn't get any more rejection letter YET. My dad called and left 5 messages today! He was going back to Burma from Singapore, where he works and he won't be able to call us from Burma (US $ 4.5/minute!!) I am so glad he's going home because his work requires him going back and forth to Singapore and Hongkong, the countries that are in danger of the "mystery disease" that is going around Asia. I finally talked to him after dinner and he's calling again at 11pm - one of the reasons why I am still awake. Well,,, another reason is that I am on duty but I don't think I will be up until parietals. I am just so tired.

I had my interview with Ben (switched with Shuli) and Nicole for next year's RA position. It would be very bad if they turn me down because it would definitely means I am a bad one. Oh, well... we'll find out on Wednesday. I applied for Hill House so we'll see.

I wanted to go to the heated pool with my friends but I am on freaking duty.

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March 31st, 2003
04:23 pm


blah, blah, blah, ..., I got a Hutchins scholarship, ..., blah, blah, blah. It doesn't make up for my rejection letter although I now now that I will probably afford to continue at SRC if I can aslo keep my DuBois. (They said I can, so that's good. I just hope they don't change their mind AGAIN)

Went to price chopper with Diane to get snacks for house council tonight. I made her stop at the post office so that I can send my high school diploma to cornell (not like I am hoping to get in).

Tomorrow is kiss a llamma (sp?) day. I know Ahmet, Majid and Gill (panchy) are volunteering. So, bring your change to lunch and see our lovely faculty/staff kiss a llama. :-D

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March 30th, 2003
12:04 pm


Please be nice to my journal (i.e no offensive comments to others)

Dejio is the coolest! She came over and made me not feel like an idiot anymore. She also talked me into updating my journal (she told me a long time ago that stopping my lj for others is just non-sense)She even gave me an idea of what to write about - so, here is my yesterday's adventure.

I went on a canoeing trip with school just for fun. There were 12 of us and they're all nice people so it was really fun. We started out near the middle school that is near co-op bank in town (i don't know the name of school but it was in the place of W.E.B DuBois's high school), and ended in Sheffield. It wasn't long - it only took us about 4 hrs. It would have taken a lot shorter if we didn't sink.

So, Cami and I were on the same boat. Within the first two miles, we saw two boats ahead of us trapped near the fallen trees in the river. They said, "Go to the other side. Go to the other side!" We tried, but it's too late- the water was flowing so fast, and we just hit the boats and flipped the canoe over. At first, i was pushed down by the canoe that was on our head. Finally, I floated back to the surface where I held on to Natalie and Amanda's boat. Cami was holding Diane and MC's (the RD's) boat. The water was so extremely cold and I was in the water for about 10 minutes. I couldn't even feel my feet after a while. Cami got to the shore first because the RDs were good at rowing. Amanda and Natalie tried so hard and we finally got to the shore that was quite a distance from the RDs. I didn't have any shoes on, and I was feeling so cold. Diane came over to make sure I was OK but she didn't bring any dry clothes with her. So, I had to borrow Amanda's towel to wrap around and Natalie's shoes to walk over to the RD's. Alex let me borrow her sweat shirt/rain coat type thing that kept me warm. And other folks went off and resuced our stuff (our canoes, paddles, backpacks, shoes, etc) We got everything back except for a sock and a fleece that I borrowed from school.

After the event, the RD's asked us if we want to go back onto the same canoe or if each of them could get one of us. We said, "We just want to be together again." And, yeah, we didn't sink again :-D

When we get to the end of our trip, our van got stuck in the mud while trying to get off the parking lot. Since it was carrying a very heavy load (twelve of us and 6 canoes), it just got worse and worse as we tried. So, Diane called Ken, who then came over with his small volkswagon. We were expecitng him to bring a big van but all the vans at school were out. So, he pulled the van with his car while we pushed from behind. Then, the van was set free!!!

Wow, what an adventure! Now, I just had to find a way to go back to my school work.

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February 23rd, 2003
10:49 pm


I don't understand why people try hard (spend time) just to irritate others. Do you?

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February 22nd, 2003
03:24 pm


It's raining outside and I'm bored.
I should read for my Latin America class and start studying for Physiology test (since I've never reviewd my notes since the beginning of the semester). But I don't think studying will happen right now. I might go to town on the van (to buy food for the thing in Blodgett tonight) just to get out of here.

Out of boredom, I just followed a link from someone's lj and took a quiz.

My personality is rated 25.
What is yours?
quiz by midgetfarm.com


Your score is

what does that mean?
Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest...Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.

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February 21st, 2003
09:35 pm


Beatles night was good. Virginia (my ex RA)was halirious, Don (botany prof & dean of faculty), Mileta (spanish prof) and Russell(technical support and library person) were awsome. My hands hurt from clapping.

After Physiology class today, I went to the library to work for 2 hrs and then headed down to Kilpatrick atheletic center to swim. I was feeling stressed because of all those things due today and the weather was so nice - so I figured swimming would be good. Columbo (it's a nickname for one of the JAs) was there and we swam together, I hurt my leg while racing with him (and I beat him!)and I lost one of my contact lenses:)

Got into a long converstaion with Shima and Simmonette at dinner, after which I took a nap 'til open mic night. Now, I shall go back to sleep.

Oh, one announcemnt... if you are one of the Crosby girls, don't forget our bonding party tomorrow in Blodgett. Find more info on the doors of your hall way (I made the posters :-D ). Since we don't hear many people talking about it, we are worried many people won't show up. It shall be fun, so please come and drag your Crosby friends along with you.

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12:49 pm


Last night was crazy but I managed to finish BSing my sociology paper and studied for Chem test and still got 5 hrs of sleep. So, not too bad.

I think I made a stupid mistake on my Chem exam. But I don't believe I failed it. We shall see.

Psychology exam rocked - I took it on Monday and got it back today. I studied for the exam with Cami and Amelia and both Cami and I got 100% on it. I bet Amelia did very well, too although we don't know because she didn't come to class today. Psych studying with them was so much fun and very helpful. We should do the same thing for the rest of the semester, too.

I am so sleepy but I guess I have to go to Physiology. I'll see if I can finish my two years at Simon's Rock without missing a single class :)

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February 19th, 2003
02:07 pm


I got a moderation letter from Isaac that started with "On behalf of your Moderation Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the B.A program at Simon's Rock College." :-D They didn't reject me :-D

I also replied to an e-mail from Smith College that says, "Dear Nang, please explaing the W on your transcript for Physics I." Gosh...

I want to go on the RA movie trip tomorrow to Pittsfield because I want to see "Chicago". Paula recommended that I see it some time. Ken is taking us with school's van but I unfortunately have a chem exam and sociology paper due on Friday. Darn it :(

Okay, gotta go write a response for Latin America class before CHI meeting takes up all my time.

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February 18th, 2003
04:32 pm


It stopped snowing and my only lab wasn't cancelled. I felt like procrastinating this morning so I did :-D I have a lot of things due tomorrow though; a problem set, an article to read and write a response to, and Sociology response. I haven't started any of them yet. Ohh...weeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll.

I had my moderation meeting today with Isaac, David and Leslie. I thought Isaac wouldn't drive to school in the snow since he doesn't have any class today but he did. Yay! So nice. It saves me from finding a time when we all are free again :)

I never thought moderation could be this fun. We all talked, get confused, and laughed about them. It's more confusing now because they are updating moderation procedures and we weren't sure whether I am supposed to follow the old one or the new one - which is not officially approved yet. Those terms, "program of studies", "concentrations" "major advisor" "thesis advisor" "academic advisor" are very confusing.

In the old procedure, your major advisor can be different from your academic advisor but now your major advisor is the one who would also be your academic advisor. So, we weren't sure if Leslie is allowed to have me as her advisee anymore. But finally, David said, "I nominate Leslie to be Nang's advisor." Isaac said, "me,too" and I said, "me,too." It was so funny and we thought we should have such kind of meeting every week :-D

Now, I am moderated :) and we shall see whether or not I will end up staying here.

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February 17th, 2003
07:12 pm



You are 84% Pure!
(Very interesting.)

Here's how the REST of the world breaks down, compared to you:

people less pure than you (95%)
people like you (0%)
people more pure than you (5%)
Based on the 12,405,977 submissions before you.

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February 16th, 2003
06:36 am


Can you believe that I went to bed at 1 and got up at 6 this morning :-D I wonder when I'll go back and sleep. But for now, I can use my time writing my psych paper. YAY!

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January 8th, 2003
03:09 pm


I have been so distracted to concentrate on my readings, for some reason that I don't know. I guess I am egarly waiting for my grades and paranoid about them,haha. Well, it's not even funny anyway. I e-mailed rochelle(the registrar) to e-mail my grades but she hasn't replied yet. I guess they are not ready yet.

I am so glad that I am in sunny California. My sister is in Gt.Barrington for her intercession and she said they had two major snow storms during the time she's been there, one on the Christmas day and one on the 4th of January (Burmese Indepence Day, by the way). The one on the 4th Jan was pretty bad, she said. She knew it was going to storm, so she put her car in the garage so that "she doesn't have to dig it up in the monring." Yeah, right, she didn't have to dig it up but what happened when the garage collasped? Yes, her car was almost flat under the garage with two other cars of her boss, with whom she is staying. It's scary.
Now, the roof and windshields of her car are gone and supposedly her insurance company is taking care of it soon. The 500 dollars that the insurance company deducts will be paid by her boss since it happened at her house. Thank god!

Ah, I am not ready to go back to snow in 11 days :( I also can't imagine the disaster of moving into another dorm - packing and unpacking- just what I hate.

I still haven't done my freaking applications yet. Cornell said they didn't get my dean's reference yet, which Leslie supposedly sent over two weeks ago. I need to ask her again. Also, they said they've got my college transcript, which I never sent out!!! So weird.

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January 4th, 2003
02:46 pm


Rachel's parents' friends are home so I have an excuse for not reading my Sociology book. I am determined to finish it this weekend though. I must. Or else I will be in trouble. I just found out that we have to read 5 pretty thick books for Sociology. Sociology and Psychology will take up a lot of my time with those readings while Chemistry and Physiology will kill me with hard concepts. I have no idea how Latin America would be- I am sure it has a lot of reading, too.

I tried to buy textbooks online and they are so freaking expensive even from the cheapest place. Physiology book is at least $ 87 and one of the sociology books is $53. I have four other sociology books from Cami which I hope I can continue borrowing for next semester. I also borrowed Tanya's Psych book. So,that saves me a lot of money, too. Thanks guys!

By the way, does anyone want (or know who want) to sell Principle of Anatomy and Physiology (10th ed) or Sociology of Education ? Let me know if you do :-D

Ah, only 16 more days of relaxing time. So sad :(

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December 31st, 2002
12:23 pm


I am so confused. I just wrote a long entry and I couldn't find it now. I don't know where it went. I swear I posted it. Oh... well. I will write it again later.

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12:08 pm


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your vacations.

Not many things are going on with me. Rachel's family and I got back from LA two days ago and we went to Disney land, sea world there. We wanted to go to the universal studio but we didn't have time. I LOVE sea world and I wished I could be a trainer for some time.

One funny thing... you know how I was trying to get my Toefl scores sent but didn't have the registration number? So, I called them to find it out through my name and address. But since my name was so long, I didn't know which two Toefl used as my first and last name and all the combinations I tried was wrong. After several calls, I was so tried and mad so I told them that NANG was my LAST name and then they found it! It was under First name-Hlaing, Last name-Nang. Weird, huh?

I am reading this book called Sidewalk for my sociology class. It is about African-American street vendors in NYC. The author worked with them for four years to do research on their lives. He wrote his book through the conversations on the street. Wanna hear the most frequent words they've said so far? "Fuck it" "I don't give a fuck" "Mother fuckers" "Don't fuck me up" "Lay shit out". I hope we don't really read that book for class although Cami gave me as one of the books she had to buy for class. Oh, well...I am reading it anyway since I've started it and I am gonna finish it :-D

By the way, how's Florida, Leah? Tanya, I hope you got used to Russian doors already :) April, hope your heater is working now. And Dejio, I don't know what you are doing but have fun with whatever you are doing :)

Ok, now, I will stop surfing the net.

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December 23rd, 2002
11:23 am


I am done with my Bowdoin application, which basically means I am done with Smith, too because I am going to use the same thing. My personal statement is just a piece of crap that I wrote in half day. Watch me not even get into these non-competitive school. Well... whatever...Two down, four more to go! I don't even feel like applying to any school just because I am a lazy duck. Also, being an international student sucks... a lot more thing to write and hard to get financial aid, ah! I need to have my TOEFL (test of english as a foreign language) sent to schools but I left my registration number in the room. I am so STUPID. So, I called Susan Mower at SRC to see if she has it in my file but I haven't heard anything back yet. I hope she does. Or else I will be in trouble.

Now, I am home alone since Rachel's dad went to work, Rachel and her mom went out to get an ID for Rachel. She forgot her wallet in our room which means she was at the airport without any ID. But, she was lucky enough and got here after all thorough searches on her at the airport. I have been online forever. May be I will go read my sociology book now. It's interesting so far.

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December 20th, 2002
06:24 pm


I am at Rachel's house in California and I am gonna be here for a month. This vacation should be fun although I am now trying to get my Bowdoin Application done. It's due on the 1st of January since I am an international student applying for financial aid. My advisor has sent her recommendation letter 3 day ago so my application better follows it.

I don't think I will be posting much until the 20th of January, when I have to go back to school for training and move to my new room. Hill House friends, you better come visit me. I will definitely come to hillhouse for showers and visit you, hehe.

Oh, by the way. Rachel got an A on her physics final and in the course. So, we can make fun of her now since she thought she will never get an A. She always say that and she always ends up getting all A's anyway.

I am scared to get my grades :(

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December 17th, 2002
07:24 pm


I finished my exams! Yay! (but I need to write my seminar paper)
Gosh, Chemistry exam was a killer although math wasn't that bad. I will be lucky if I get a B in that freaking chemistry class. May be I shouldn't be a science major. I need to major in seminar or dance, perhaps.

So, I had my RA job interview today with ALL THREE of the Crosby RDs. I didn't know all of them will be there. But it was fun, not scary as I thought it would be. And now, I am going to take laxlady4 's place and be a RA in Crosby 3rd west. That should be exciting and I am looking forward to it.

By the way, my roommate kicked me out of the room. She thinks I should move to Crosby right now :)

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December 16th, 2002
05:16 pm


Why do finals exist?
I am STRESSED, not knowing what to study for, Chemistry or Math? I do not feel well-prepared for any of them and I need freaking good grades on both of them. I really wish I could care less about what grades I get, then, I won't be feeling this miserable.

I was going to be done with this semester by tomorrow but I put off my seminar paper. So, I get to start it after my exams tomorrow and finish it before Thursday. Damn!

I am sleepyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (depite the 7 hrs of sleep I got last night) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Current Mood: crappycrappy

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December 15th, 2002
04:54 pm


Good Job, Dejio. This is great and fun!
Which Simon's Rock Method of Procrastination Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, I am addicted to internet already but I guess it is only when I see my computer opened. I can live without it if my computer is turned off though. When I go back home??? Then, I will have no internet since it's some part of the world where internet is not accessible to middle class or ordinary people, which is what we are. So, I have learned about internet only about 1. 5 years ago and now I spend so much time on it. Ah... may be I shouldn't have a computer. Blah...

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December 13th, 2002
04:44 pm


I have done nothing today. Although I skipped the morning conference, I didn't do anything. The afternoon panel, where I was a moderator, was so freaking long. It's not that we were having a lot of discussions, just that papers are SO LONG. They are like 11 pages each. So, we finished 30 minutes late. It was awful. Freshmen do not seem to be paying attention and some people walked out near the end. Ah... I remembered how I didn't understand a thing when they made us go to Soph Sem conference last year. But, hey, I am just glad that there are no more seminar next year.

Yay for Bonita's massage! It was really nice, and it's 20 minutes this time instead of last year's 15 minutes.

I should study or write my paper but I don't feel like doing anything. I want to sleep for a while but I am too lazy to take my lenses out and put them back in. I have to go to late night extravaganza from 11:30 to 1 (yes, tonight!)It's all CHI work, ah:(

I am sooooooooooooooo tired; even Bonita said that my back tells her that I am tired.

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December 11th, 2002
02:36 pm


Everybody come see our door!
Our door is really cool with cool lights and cool canday bars. The only thing is whenever I walk in the hall, the hall lights turn on and dim our cool light. I wonder if it is illegal to tape that censor thing on the ceiling, does any one know? We think Rachel's Santa did it since (s)he always come to our room to leave gifts. But my secret santa is not doing anything to me yet. So, I am waiting for it. The santa didn't leave a note saying whose it was for so we don't know. But, it doesn't matter. The point is... It MADE BOTH OF US HAPPY!

Another happy note... I am done with classes for my first semester Sophomore year! My sem was cancelled so I finished my classes 1.5 hrs earlier. Horayyy!!!!!!Registration should be good, too. I hope I get into all my classes.

Not so good thing...

I got a 76/96 on my math test, which apparently sucks but believe it or not, I got the highest in my class, as far as I know. I don't know about one person in my class, but I got about 30 points higher than the other two. (yes, there are only 4 people in my class!) That is how pathetic our class and test was. Why did we all screw up?? Bob said that he wouldn't count this exam but count finals more. That's even more scary for me, since you never know how much more I will screw up on the final. Ah...

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December 10th, 2002
08:40 pm


these things are useless but since I don't want to study...here we go!
Nang (Nang Hlaing Hlaing Tin Maung)

If there are 3 wells (love, beauty, and creativity) and you can drink from one of them, which would you choose?

Do you wish on stars?

Do you believe in love?

Would you kill someone?

Virgin or not?

Who are you jealous of?
many people, depending on my different situations.

Who would you marry?
someone we love each other.

Do you think that the people on the gap commercials are cool?
I have no idea who are on the gap commercials.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
why not?

Are you a daredevil?
don't think so.

How big was the biggest mango you ever had?
pretty big (and sweet, too!) We have a lot of GOOD mangoes back at home!

Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't repeat?
I don't believe so.

Do you pray?
just sometimes although my parents want me to do it everyday.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
Burmese ones? Yes, a lot of them ,too!

Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?
What the? No way.

Who is your second family?
my friends

Do you trust others easily?
I guess but not very sure.

What was your favorite toy as a child?
a doll which repeats after me. It was big, too!

What class in school do you think is totally useless?
haven't had one yet. Thank god!

Do you think your life so far has been good?
not too bad.

Which was your best Halloween costume?
Holloween came into my life only a year ago and I've never really dressed up for it yet.

Have you ever been on radio or television?
television - just a few times in "good" news.

Do you keep a diary?
I used to keep a book. I still do it online now.

Have you ever intentionally hurt another person?
Yes, when I was in the 1st grade. I beat 2 guys up and of course, I got into trouble. So, I don't do that anymore, hehe.

Do you feel understood most of the time?
I hope so.

Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach?
How about none of them, thanks!

What is the new saying that you've been using a lot?
"Life is like a dick. When it gets hard, fuck it!" (sorry for bad language)

Do you have a secret you've never shared with anyone?

What was the best Christmas present you received?
Again, I've had only one Christmas in my life so I haven't gotten enough present to say yet.

Could you be a vegetarian?
for how long?

What word do you use when you think something is good?
cool,awsome, yay!

What band has the funniest name?

Would you ever bungee jump?
I would love to but my parents won't let me. Ah :(

47. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?

Would you rather wear uniforms to school?
yes. I've worn uniforms all my life (until I finished high school) and I loved it.

What are you worried about right now?

Do you ever wear overalls?
Yes, I think they are cute.

Do you think you are strong (emotionally)?
Not sure. Does anyone know if I am?

Do you hate anyone?
I guess so.

Do you regret anything?
You mean, MANY things?

Who do you love?
so many people.

What are you going to do next?
finish my manuscript and sleep.

What's your biggest dream/wish?
to be a successful and famous MD as well as a singer working in Burma.

Have you ever done anything illegal?
oh, yeah. Definitely. But don't report.

Have you ever thought with another's head?
That's a strange question. But I will answer, "yes"

Who do you like better, N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys?
Backstreet Boys

What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot guys/girls standing on the sidewalk?
walk as usual and look at them without letting them know.

What do you regret doing or not doing in your life the most?
It will take up the rest of my life to list my regrets.

What is the most important lesson you have learned outside of school?
SO MANY and most importantly is to deal with people.

Name the one person whose arms you feel safe in?
U Tin Maung, Daw Sao Mya Thein (they are my parents :) )

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06:57 pm


I have a HUGE headache right now and a manuscript due tomorrow. Darn it all! I wish my massage session with Bonita was today, then it might cure my stupid headache. And... I got a freaking 70 on my chem test! Now my average test score is 84! GRRR>>>>

Tomorrow is registration day! I hope I get into all my classes. Today, my advisor finally agreed for me to try taking both Physiology II and Chem II. But she DID remind me that if I later decide to drop one of them, I will end up with some mod class that I might not have any passion of. Oh, well... we'll see. I am so stupid. I didn't ask her if we still have meeting on Thursday since we met today. Ah... I have to find and ask her again. Gee.

My secret santa thing is working well and fun. S(he) gave me mint chocolate candies that I love so much. Thank you very much my lovely Santa!!! My santee is happy with my gifts, too so that's good.

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11:02 am


Yes, I am bored and I don't feel like going to lunch!

1. cow: milk
2. horney: How honrey are you test.
3. summer: warmth, home
4. bus: crowded (burmese buses)
5. white: snow
6. rain: laziness


7. First crush
I don't think I really had a crush on someone. But I LIKED a guy in my 8th grade.

8. Favorite Jackson
What the?

9. Is Elvis really dead?

10. Best James Bond
Who are they, again?

11. Best fast food fries
They all taste the same.

12. Biggest fear
my parents leaving me forever.


13. What do you want to name your first son?
Some burmese name that you won't understand (or can pronounce)

14. What do you want to name your first daughter?
Defintely not one like mine, which is so freaking long and confusing.


15. Favorite bird
parrots, you can teach them to talk!

16. What sucks most--teletubbies, furbies or pokemon?
I don't even know what they are :-D

17. Worst movie
I don't watch or usually like movies. So, I can't tell.

18. Favorite album cover

19. Robert Frost or Edgar Allan Poe
Who are they? I know I am stupid!

20. Coke or Pepsi

21. Favorite Kool Aid
Kool Aid? What the heck is that?

22. Favorite iced tea
No ice tea, thank you.

23. What would a movie about your life be called?
My life is not interesting enough to make a movie out of (yet)

24. If you started a band, what would its name be?
Crap, Apple Lovers, (these are the ones that Rachel and I agree to use) and let me add one more, "SUCKS"

25. What in the hell happened to Joan Osborne?
Who the hell's that?(exactly)

26. Gwen Stefani or Shirley Manson
Let me ask who they are again.

27. Dream Celebrity Death Match event

28. What's your sign?
I forgot. But I was born on Sept 28.

29. Do you believe in love?

30. The Rock or Triple H?

31. Is chivalry dead?
what is that?

32. Are you trendy?

33. Strangest offer you ever received?
(If this counts as an offer) The bet that Rachel made on my chem test 2 days ago. She offered to do something really weird if she loses. But I didn't accept it 'cos it will also put me into trouble.

34. When you were little, who did you want to be like?
Just simple, like my mom.

35. What is the point of flavored condoms?
How the hell am I supposed to know? To give more pleasure???

36. Favorite board game
is chess a board game?

37. Most overdone board game
don't know.

38. First job
(Started when I was 15, in Burma, before I came here.)
A teaching assistant for 1st grade kids and a subject tutor for 10th graders.

39. Current job
Math tutor, Website development assistant, cataloging books for our library,

40. Dream Job
A famous singer, a medical doctor, noble prize winning scientist. (food taster sounds good, too)

41. If you were in a classic novel, which one would it be?
I haven't read many English classic novels yet.

42. Best stephen king book(s)
haven't read any

43. Do you believe in God?

44. Worst vegetable
sour cabbages.

45. Favorite T-shirt
a comfortable one

46. Favorite color of roses
red, pink, white

47. Favorite romantic comedy
Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Pretty Woman (those are the only english ones I've watched)

48. How do you feel right now?

49. What do you want most right now?
ho back home and have fun.

Favorite city
don't know yet. I will tell you after I traveled around the world.

Favorite color

Would you ever...

smoke: no

get drunk: nope

dress in drag: may be

eat bugs for money: depends on the bug and the money

kiss a pig: I guess so.

have sex before marriage: no

have children: yes

sleep for more than 12 hours at a time: who wouldn't?

not do a homework assignment: don't you know that's what I always do?

kiss a member of the same sex: no

cheat on your gf/bf: no

lie to a close friend if someone paid you to: no

move to a country you've never been to: yes ( I kindda did one and a half years ago and I will get stuck here for at least 4 years)

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December 8th, 2002
11:48 pm


Well… I don’t really know what to say about this whole situation but I am going to try anyway. I wish this problem never existed or we had tried to solve this by actually talking to each other in person. Once we understand each other’s feelings, I am sure everything would be solved and it wouldn’t have gotten this serious. I don’t want this to lead to fights and destroy our friendships.

I know that a slight separation came about ever since we became the Apple Lovers; we three had something in common which we often like to talk about and which Leah, unfortunately, had no knowledge of. It makes sense that Leah felt left out by our Apple Loving actions and talks, but since she didn’t have any wish to join us, there was nothing we could do. By the way, the bracelets were not something that we decided to buy for our own. Rather, we received them as Apple Loving gifts so Leah shouldn’t feel left out for not having one. And I am sure she would prefer not to be an apple lover since everything the apple lovers does is crazy and we are known as trouble makers anyway.

One other problem is that we have so few things in common. While Tanya, Rachel and I like to do many crazy things, Leah preferred to stay quiet in her room. However, there were times when I was left alone in the room because I had no interest in what Leah, Rachel and Tanya were doing. I didn’t feel left out but understood that it was my own choice to not do whatever they were doing. I believe that was what happened with Leah, too. She chose not to involve in the crazy things we did and when those happens quite often, it seemed like she was left out. Are the differences in our personalities to be blamed?

When Leah started dating Felix, the gap became even bigger. It wouldn’t have been a problem if we all feel comfortable having each other around. For me, personally, I have no idea what to do if my friends are with their “significant others.” I am afraid that they would think I disturb them if I talk to them and that I ignore them if I don’t talk. I don’t want to butt in when others might have many more interesting things to do or talk about. I don’t know how Leah feel about Rachel and I but she apparently does not want to have Tanya and Felix around her together because she thinks Tanya likes Felix. According to Tanya, Leah wouldn’t even let her talk to Felix about computer-related problems. So, how would we feel free to hang out with them? But, it’s just not right that we would lose our friendship only because Leah got a boyfriend; there has to be someway to fix this. May be when Leah shows more comfort in having us all around even when she is with Felix.

Well… Leah, I am sorry if I seem like a bitch but this is how I feel. I hope we can understand each other more and continue our friendship. And we should really find a better way of discussing and solving this problem than putting this on livejournals.

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December 6th, 2002
03:58 pm


I can't wait till Rachel comes back and start our date, haha. We are going to watch movies and go to the dance concert!

I found out who my santee was and I want to know who my santa is! I gathered some information about her and what she likes so now hopefully she will like the things I give her. It's exciting to imagine what I would get from my santa. Fun!

We didn't have our math test today so I didn't fail it yet. It's rescheduled for Monday, which means I need to study this weekend.

It's so weird. I did research on stress toys for CHI to give away during reading period and one cool toy I found was 99 cents so we decided to order it. But when Nicole called them, they said if we only want 500 of them, it's 2 dollars. GRRRR>>> I was hoping 1.2 dollars to be the most. So, I and Virginia had to look for another one, and it was not as cool. Nicole if going to find out if we can get them on time. We don't have much time left.

We have final CHI meeting and dinner for this semester this coming Suday in Blodgett. Elaine said it was going to be the best meeting ever, so I am looking forward to it.

By the way, I feel like I am on break and have nothing to do. I wish it was true.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden

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December 5th, 2002
02:45 pm


I HATE this weather.
I don't know what Leah likes about this weather. I HATE it. It's cold, lots of snow and hard to walk. Ewww...

Today, I went to my advisor meeting and met my advisor on my way to the college center. While she and I were walking into student life office, we met Shuli, who stopped me to talk about Chem test this morning. When I told her that I failed, she said she walked out after answering two questions. That exam was evil.

My registration form is filled out. Ah... Leslie changed her mind and thought that Physiology II and Chem II was too much. She told me to think about it over the weekend and see her again on Tuesday. My sophomore review thing is also although I (or she)still need(s) to figure out how many RAPs I have. I thought I had 4 but they said I only had 3. GRRRR!!!

Oh, also, I just found out that my advisor is going to be in the dance concert (In Nicole's dance, perhaps) Gill is, too! I don't know what they are going to do, but that would be fun to watch.

YAY! My registration time is not too bad, it's at 3:50pm, the same as Rachel's, only 5 minutes eariler than Tanya's and 10 minutes than Leah's.
By the way, Rachel, I singed us up for Secret Santa and Bonita's massage. I don't know if you wanted to do the massage (it's 3pm on Friday---20 minutes long, mine is at 3:20) but I just remembered that we went together last year and maybe you're interested. If not, you can always erase your name :-D

Well... time to study for math test!

Current Mood: coldcold

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